Candy Corn Smoothie

Candy Corn Smoothie.jpeg

Happy Halloween!

Looking for some #HealthyHalloween breakfast inspiration for your family this season? Kickoff Halloween spirit with this candy corn inspired smoothie made with #Früzinga and whole sweet fruits. Share the treats that won't trick your gut!👻
Bonus: A family fun activity! 



1 Banana
1 Handful Fresh or Frozen Mango
1 Handful Fresh or Frozen Pineapple
1/2 Cup Orange Juice
1 (8oz) Bottle of Coconut Banana Früzinga


White Layer: Pour bottle (8oz) of Coconut Banana Früzinga into a blender, add banana & blend until smooth. Pour mixture into glasses & place them into the freezer to slightly solidify - reserve extra mixture. 

Orange Layer: Clean out blender - add one heaping handful of frozen or fresh mangos with orange juice & blend until smooth. Add orange layer into your glasses. And return to the freezer. 

Yellow Layer: Clean out blender - pour the remaining banana mixture into the blender & add frozen or fresh pineapple. Blend for even consistency. Remove the glasses from the freezer & add the yellow layer to top off your candy corn creation!

Enjoy spooky sippers!